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Multifactor Conversion
We Will Be Enhancing Our Online Security
At Community Bank, we are committed to protecting your account information. During the next few months, we will be upgrading our Internet Banking Service to include a higher level of multifactor authentication. In today's online environment, login ID/password access to your financial information is no longer considered sufficient to securely verify your identity. To prepare for this conversion, please confirm that your contact information is correct by logging into online banking and reviewing your personal information in the “user” and “security” section of the Preferences menu on the left side of the screen. 
What will be Different?
When you sign on to your online accounts, your username and password together are one "factor" in making sure you are the person authorized to access the account. With multifactor authentication, there is an additional "factor" needed to log on. In addition to your login ID and password, our online verification process will require us to deliver you a one-time secure access code via something only you possess (for example, your email account or your mobile phone). Once you receive the secure access code and enter it on the web-page where instructed, it will register your computer by saving a cookie or flash object specific to your browser for later use. This extra layer of protection against identity theft is well worth it.

Going forward, our system will recognize your computer allowing online access to your accounts with just your username and password. However, if you – or someone attempting to hack into your account - logs in using a different computer, another security code will be required before access is provided. You can register multiple computers. Computers that you use only once can be registered for one time use. Registering your computer adds a strong layer of security to your online accounts. This means that no other unregistered computer in the world has access to your online information, even if your login ID and password were accidentally or unintentionally compromised.

Conversion to multifactor will occur over the next several months. Not all users will convert at the same time. If you have any questions about your accounts or multifactor authentication, don't hesitate to contact us.