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Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account works with your High Deductible Health Plan to allow you to make contributions and accumulate earnings tax free.  Distributions are also tax free as long as funds are used for qualified medical expenses. 

At Community Bank, our HSA Accounts do not have an annual or monthly fee. For your convenience, your HSA account can be viewed and managed online.  Your HSA earns a competitive rate of interest that allows you to maximize your earning potential.

With a Community Bank HSA, you have a savings and checking account that work together.  You make deposits into a savings portion of your HSA account.  Funds accumulate in the savings until you need them to cover medical expenses.  You can choose to pay your medical expenses by check or with a Community Bank Debit Card.  As expenses are paid from the checking portion of your HSA, funds are automatically transferred from the savings. This allows your funds to always be earning interest.  Your HSA checking account will always maintain a zero balance.

A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP):

HSA Contribution Limits

*If both spouses are in age range. 
*Catch-up contributions must be deposited to a separate HSA account for each spouse.

Click here to view Health Savings Account FAQs.  

For more information, contact a banker at any Community Bank location.