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Bill payments using checks, stamps and envelopes are a thing of the past when you have access to our online bill pay! You schedule the date to make payments and gain greater control over your bill management process. You are able to view, pay and track your bills right through our web site. Our bill pay also allows you to receive some of your bill statements online, instead of through the mail. Some billers will also deliver monthly bill information directly to your e-mail inbox.


At Community Bank we offer all of these features at a very competitive price. The first 15 bills you pay each month are free. For each bill paid beyond the free 15 each month your cost is just $0.50! For example, if you pay 20 bills this month your total monthly charge for the Community Bank Bill Pay service will be just $2.50! Currently 20 stamps would cost $13.60 (at $.68 each). If you pay 15 or fewer bills each month your cost will be $0.00!

When you enroll for online banking, you automatically have access to online bill pay! There are no additional enrollments. Simply log in to your online banking, select Bill Pay from the top bar and you’re on your way!




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