Business Savings & CDs

A Community Bank Savings account is ideal for storing extra cash while keeping it liquid for future needs. We know your financial needs will change as your business constantly changes. Our accounts are versatile enough to accommodate all size businesses, so you can continue to grow with Community Bank.


Prestige Savings

  • Minimum balance to open account is $50
  • Quarterly maintenance fee of $5 applies if your balance drops below $50 anytime during the statement cycle
  • Earns a variable rate of interest - tiered rate structure

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Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account works with a High Deductible Health Care Plan to allow you and your employees to make contributions and accumulate earnings tax free. Distributions are also tax free as long as funds are used for qualified medical expenses. When you need to cover medical expenses, you can either pay by check or use an EMV Debit Card.

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Certificate of Deposit

If you’re able to deposit funds for a specific period of time, a Community Bank CD provides a fixed interest rate for the term of your CD. Upon maturity, we provide a grace period of 10 calendar days before your certificate will automatically renew. The rate adjusts to the current standard interest rate upon maturity. Terms vary.

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Retirement Accounts

At Community Bank, we offer a variety of IRA accounts to help you and your employees save for retirement. This includes Traditional and Roth IRAs and SIMPLE or SEP IRAs. In addition, if you or your employees have funds in qualified plans that you would like to roll into an IRA, we can help.

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