Switch Kit

Switching to Community Bank has never been easier. A friendly personal banker can help you along the way. Below is some helpful information and forms to make your switch simple and convenient.

Contact us to make the switch


Steps to make the switch

  1. Open an account with Community Bank
  2. Stop using your previous checking account and allow time for any outstanding checks, final direct deposits and / or automatic withdrawals to clear. Make certain enough funds are available in your account to cover these transactions. Destroy your old checks and debit cards / ATM cards.
  3. Send written notice to your direct deposit vendors (payroll, social security, CD interest payments, etc.) of the change in your banking relationship. Switch your social security deposits by calling 1-800-772-1213 or using their website www.socialsecurity.gov/deposit/.
  4. Send written notice to your vendors who automatically take payments from your checking account (utilities, insurance companies, internet service providers, banks, etc.) that you are closing with your current bank, and provide them with your Community Bank account information.
  5. Send a written notice to the financial institution that you are closing the account.

Information you will need to have

To transfer and establish direct deposit

  • Employer of deposit initiator's name & address
  • Your Community Bank account number
  • Community Bank routing number 091915890

To transfer or cancel an automatic payment

  • A copy of your latest statement with billing information
  • Your Community Bank account number
  • Community Bank routing number 091915890

To close an account at another bank

  • Your old bank name and address
  • Your old account number



Direct Deposit Change Request

Automatic Payment Change Request

Request to Close Account

Automatic Transaction Inventory List

Social Security Direct Deposit Form










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